Denodo’s cloud survey finds organizations have reached ‘intermediate or advanced level’ cloud usage

According to Denodo's annual cloud usage survey, 54% of organizations are at an intermediate or advanced level of cloud usage.

Cloud adoption has become a priority for organizations of all sizes as businesses increasingly face the challenges of globalization, geopolitical instability, and cybersecurity threats. Businesses are investing in cloud infrastructure services to ensure flexibility and resiliency in the face of global change.

The hybrid cloud remains the most preferred deployment model, with nearly twice as many respondents (37.5%) choosing the hybrid cloud over the public cloud (20%). This indicates that companies are not ready to get rid of on-premises systems completely, even if they have increased their cloud adoption.

In 2020, the primary attention of the tech community was to select the right cloud provider and manage the migration, while in 2021, the focus shifted to getting the necessary training to move their organization's cloud systems to the next level (according to 31.3% of respondents). 

The most popular cloud usage scenarios are reporting and dashboards, self-service BI, and ad hoc analytics, but respondents expect to see a transition to data virtualization, data preparation, and data quality in the future. These use cases demonstrate that business stakeholders are ready to use their data more efficiently, and are now looking to make the most of their cloud systems with robust cloud storage. After moving key workloads to the cloud, the next step for many companies is to find a storage space for the new data.

Ravi Shankar, senior VP, and CMO of Denodo, said: “Audiences continue to express their need for real-time data so it is no surprise that availability, with regard to data integration, management, and analytics in the cloud, is not only ‘nice to have,’ but critical to becoming data-driven.

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