Cloud-native Apache Hadoop & Spark

Fast and cost-effective solution for running Apache Hadoop, Spark, and other Hadoop ecosystem applications.

Cloud4U provides a cloud platform for building and managing Apache Hadoop & Spark clusters.
The solution easily integrates with other Cloud4U services, bringing you a powerful platform for data processing, Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning. Boost the speed of computations and pay only for the resources you actually use.
Apache Hadoop infrastructure
from 0,17$ per hour

Cloud constructor

Parameters considered in calculation:

  • 1 Master nod - "head" virtual machine (CPU 4, RAM 16GB, SSD MEDIUM 500GB, IP address).
  • Worker nod is a working virtual machine (CPU 1, RAM 1GB, SSD MEDIUM 50GB). The number of X Worker nods is unlimited.
  • Backup to geo-remote site.
  • Flexible scaling of virtual machine parameters (nod).

Apache Hadoop in the cloud for Big Data projects

Apache Hadoop® is an open source framework used for storing and the distributed processing of huge amounts of data. Instead of relying on different systems for storing and processing data, Hadoop allows you to cluster hardware to run parallelized analysis of large data sets.

Cloud4U platform simplifies the creation and management of Apache Hadoop clusters and other applications in the Hadoop ecosystem.

For processing big data, Cloud4U supports using the S3 object storage or storing data in clusters of Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS). HDFS is automatically installed together with Hadoop in your Cloud4U cluster, and you can use HDFS together with S3 to store your input and output data.

Cloud-based Hadoop Benefits

  • Fast and scalable information processing
  • Hourly billing and post-payment system

  • Available Open-Source ecosystem (Hadoop, Spark, Pipe, Hive)

  • Automatic cluster management

  • Configurable Clusters

  • Integration with other cloud applications and solutions

  • Guaranteed service availability at SLA 99.982%

  • Built-in information security features

Why trust Cloud4U
15 years in cloud computing
Since 2009 the company successfully operates in the global market.
Reliable infrastructure
4 TIER III data centers, Enterprise level hardware and software: HP, Cisco, Juniper, NetApp, VMware, Veeam, Microsoft, etc.
SLA 99.982%
Optical ring, MetroCluster and redundancy mechanisms guarantee fault tolerance of services up to SLA 99.99%.
Transparent Billing Options
Hourly billing and pay-as-you-go allow you to pay only for the resources consumed.
Geo-Distributed Backup
Automatic backup (14 restore points) in a separate remote data center.
Flexible scalability
You can add and reduce the amount of resources without the need to contact a technical support service.
24/7 technical support
If any technical issue occurs, our team of support experts is available round-the-clock, response time is 10 minutes.
Partner Program
Revenue of up to 40% per contract. White Label is available.

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