Vulnerability scanning

Cloud solution for discovery and detection of web applications vulnerabilities.

WebGuard vulnerability scanning

WEBGuard Web Application Scanning (WAS) uses the scalability of the cloud platform to search, list and check company web applications. The WEBGuard WAS service checks, analyzes web applications and identifies vulnerabilities that are dangerous for databases or can help bypass application access control tools.

The WEBGuard® Web Application Scanning (WAS) is provided as a service and allows:
  • Index Web applications.
  • Identify XSS and SQL injection vulnerabilities.
  • Identify "sensitive content" in HTML. Perform scans with and without authentication.

Users can manage Web applications, run scans and generate reports using the same interface as in WEBGuard.

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Key features:

  • Detection and cataloging applications

    Discovers new and unknown web applications on the network. WEBGuard WAS helps reduce risk by automatically searching for official and "unofficial" applications that may be hidden in your network environment.

  • Configurable resource tagging
    Organize your data and reports with labels. As the company grows, the number of web applications increases. With WEBGuard WAS, you can tag your applications with your own labels and then use these labels to manage reporting and access restrictions to scan data.
  • Industry standard reporting 
    Focus on OWASP Top 10 risks. Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Top 10 has become the industry standard for classifying the most critical risks for web applications. WEBGuard WAS allows you to accurately find these vulnerabilities - including SQL injections, cross-site scripting (XSS), cross-site spoofing (CSRF) and URL redirection - and learn how to effectively address them.
  • High accuracy scanning

    Saves time by allowing you to focus on what matters most. WEBGuard WAS is designed to reliably find a vulnerability without wasting time on false alarms. You can detect OWASP Top 10 risks such as SQL injections, cross-site scripting (XSS), cross-site spoofing (CSRF) and URL redirection - then priorities are set and you can focus on the issues that will have the most effect.

  • Tested scans 

    Automatically login to the test as a real user. Just enter your username and password; WEBGuard automatically detects forms of authorization and authentication, so the scan will work as if they were real users. Several authentication methods (including form, HTTP Basic, Digest and HTLM) ensure compatibility with a wide range of applications.

  • Interactive information panels
    Be aware of the security of your application at a glance. See a complete view of scan completion, reports and vulnerabilities identified in a single screen. With WEBGuard WAS, you can scan applications anywhere - inside your network hosted on the Internet or based in the cloud - and manage results together.
  • Highly accurate, configurable reports
    Take the scan results and go for action in minutes. With WEBGuard WAS, highly customizable, interactive reports enable powerful analysis of scanned images in many applications at once. The new Report Wizard makes reporting even easier.
  • Scanning scheduled and on demand Scanning is done exactly when you want. You can start the scan immediately or schedule it to run at a certain moment in the future. You can even control how long the scan will last.
  • Share and collaborate

    If you manage a large number of applications, you can have your own administrators, security staff, developers, managers and even auditors, all can use WEBGuard simultaneously. Each user can have his own record with access only to the resources and actions they need.

  • Extensive API

    Integration of scan data into other security systems. A rich set of APIs allows you to use the scanning results of your web application.

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4 TIER III data centers, Enterprise level hardware and software: HP, Cisco, Juniper, NetApp, VMware, Veeam, Microsoft, etc.
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Optical ring, MetroCluster and redundancy mechanisms guarantee fault tolerance of services up to SLA 99.99%.
Transparent Billing Options
Hourly billing and pay-as-you-go allow you to pay only for the resources consumed.
Geo-Distributed Backup
Automatic backup (14 restore points) in a separate remote data center.
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You can add and reduce the amount of resources without need to contact technical support service.
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Revenue of up to 40% per contract. White Label is available.


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