Dr.Web Anti-virus

Dr.Web anti-virus provides comprehensive protection of the file server and corporate data from all types of threats.

Cloud Antivirus Protection

Dr.Web anti-virus protects against all modern threats – counteracts viruses, trojans and spyware. It prevents theft of confidential information, spam, phishing, pharming, scamming, unauthorized network access and much more.
Cloud4U offers cloud Dr.Web renting service. The application is delivered via SaaS model. This allows you to use the software with a monthly fee and freeing you from purchasing the software, its continuous maintenance and updating.

Dr.Web SaaS ensures uninterrupted operation of the software, its updating and administration throughout the entire period of using the service.

Cloud constructor

Cloud Dr.Web Features

  • SpIDer Guard Antivirus
    Real-time protection, effective system detection and protection against all types of threats. Scanning the system is faster.
  • Firewall Protects against unauthorized access from outside, prevents sensitive data leakage over the network, and blocks suspicious connections at the packet and application levels.
  • SpIDer Gate Web AntivirusInternet traffic and surfing filtering, checking encrypted SSL connections.
  • Preventive protection
    Protection against the latest malware, detection of unplanned changes in user files.
  • Protection against data loss
    Helps to keep the necessary folders with files from changing/deleting data. Enabling protection for selected folders does not affect the work with files.
  • Dr.Web Cloud Free updates only on user demand, regular backup.
  • Lock of portable devices
    Restrict access to any devices, whitelist trusted devices.
  • Office control Checking network traffic on all ports, prohibiting the use of specific files and directories, limiting the user's time on the network, blocking social networks.
Why trust Cloud4U
15 years in cloud computing
Since 2009 the company successfully operates on the global services.
Reliable infrastructure
4 TIER III data centers, Enterprise level hardware and software: HP, Cisco, Juniper, NetApp, VMware, Veeam, Microsoft, etc.
SLA 99.982%
Optical ring, MetroCluster and redundancy mechanisms guarantee fault tolerance of services up to SLA 99.99%.
Transparent Billing Options
Hourly billing and pay-as-you-go allow you to pay only for the resources consumed.
Geo-Distributed Backup
Automatic backup (14 restore points) in a separate remote data center.
Flexible scalability
You can add and reduce the amount of resources without need to contact technical support service.
24/7 technical support
If any technical issue occur, our team of support experts is available round-the-clock, response time is 10 minutes.
Partner Program
Revenue of up to 40% per contract. White Label is available.

Dr.Web rental service is provided only within the IaaS service from Cloud4U (not on external servers).

    Supported OS:
  • Current versions Windows Server
  • Linux

We provide Dr.Web Premium in the cloud.

There are no restrictions on the number of licenses.
The tariff system  implies the use of 1 license for 1 virtual server within the Cloud4U infrastructure.



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