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More recently cloud computing was considered as a vector of development of the future. Today, when the cloud is already firmly established in our lives, specialists Cloud4Y decided to imagine what will be the development of hybrid cloud computing in 2016?
Quite a long time, when dial-up Internet access was most widespread in the world, the idea of the software is unmistakably suggested hard copies, CDs or DVDs that were intended for implementation in the infrastructure of the PC. With the development of Internet and broadband has evolved mechanisms, while costs were reduced. Citrix was one of the first that offered engineering support for the exchange of administrative data and mechanisms through the Internet, paying little attention to used by the end customer equipment.

Microsoft has been actively engaged in the development of office applications based on hybrid cloud computing. In addition, Google offers a data interchange directly through a web program that uses cloud computing. The immediate consequence of this model is the growing popularity of tablet PCs, because it demonstrates that cloud computing require only a little assets to run applications that normally require a powerful PC.

According to Cloud4Y, in the coming years more and more applications will develop in the direction of cloud computing, and a great example for this fact is that the activities of Google. Their OS has shown that PC can be used in this way, when a computer is any device with a single embedded program. To illustrate this in a more understandable way, Google demonstrated that by using cloud computing you need only one app to perform any of the activities – watching movies, checking email, games, notes, communication and so on.

On the flip side of this model we find the cloud or the place where all the data is processed for the needs of the end customer. Thanks to this effective model, service needs and the client's limits can be expanded to very high numbers. Still, if the server is subjected to failure, the assets had become unavailable. If the server goes down when using the cloud, in the case included the rest, ensuring the smooth operation of applications. Similarly, when using multiple servers the number of clients that may access the data increases.

The effect of cloud computing is significant for many organizations. Indeed, even the US government uses the cloud to organize all your information, because it's cheaper, requires fewer resources and is more stable and efficient.

Speaking about the pros and cons of cloud computing should pay attention to what specific uses cloud – private or public. Private clouds imply less risk for the organization, however, and higher costs, while public clouds such as Amazon offer lower costs but greater risks. The benefits of both are comparable, if done correctly, however, the future is in hybrid cloud, the development of which, in the opinion Cloud4Y, will make a significant jump by the end of 2016.

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