Key to the incident on 12.06.2014

Key to the incident on 12.06.2014
Dear customers! 
We inform you about the last incident over the festive period 12.06.2014 to 06.14.2014 with: 
In connection with the vulnerability found in Extreme Networks routers had problems with the availability of services in the period. Currently accessibility issues are fully addressed, routers operate in normal mode, all of the services available. 

Chronology of events: 

June 12, 2014 at 11:55 (GMT +04:00 Moscow) lost communication with external services. Cloud was available virtual machines, and all data fully intact. 
The analysis revealed the presence of a "black hole" (black hole), which tried to be exploited. Official network switching equipment vendor Extreme Networks was promptly informed of the vulnerability. 

June 13, 2014 Short-term downtime services at 10:15, as well as at 14:15 (GMT +04:00 Moscow) 

June 14, 2014 
Due to the mass attack on all routers observed downtime with service 4:15, just to 11:45 (GMT +04:00 Moscow) 

June 15, 2014 All services are available, the network equipment is operating normally. Total service was simple: more than 2 hours. 

Actions taken: 
On the incident issued a request to the official vendor Extreme Networks, which will soon provide an official patch for all switches Extreme Networks. 
Soon we expect the official information from the vendor. Due to the high urgency of the incident was written by specialists Cloud4Y own "patch" (patch-script) vulnerability closing switches. 

We apologize for any inconvenience! 

We do our best to exclude the possibility of such incidents in the future.

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