New Offering from Cloud4U - Hourly Billing for Cloud GPU-servers

We are pleased to inform you that Cloud4U has changed its approach to billing services. Now customers will not have to overpay for equipment rental. Companies have the opportunity to pay hourly for GPU-accelerated servers.

Hourly billing is an important innovation. Over a long time, inconvenient billing has been a significant disadvantage of renting GPU servers. Most providers offer fixed monthly payments, whereas the equipment may actually run for a little less or a little more than a month. For example, three or five weeks. In the first case, you still have to pay for a month; in the second case, you have to pay for two months. This is neither profitable nor flexible, and it prevents companies from fulfilling their goals. For this reason, corporate Cloud4U decided to switch to hourly GPU billing.

This approach allows customers to manage available resources more efficiently and conduct more calculations for the same budget. Cloud4U expects that the new billing will make the service more accessible to a wider range of companies.

Almost every company collects data. Small amounts of information are processed manually or on the computer, using the CPU. If there is a really huge amount of data, which needs to be processed quickly, GPU calculations are the best option. GPUs are much more powerful, but such equipment is expensive. That is why GPU cloud computing services are in demand on the market.

GPU-accelerated cloud servers are used for rendering, 3D modeling, Machine Learning, Analytics, and other processes where the CPU performance is not enough. Renting such a dedicated server with GPU may be required for companies engaged in the development, scientific projects, creating multimedia content. You do not need to build your own infrastructure - it's enough to specify the required amount of resources to get the power needed to quickly perform computing procedures.

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