Cloud4Y goes to storage all-flash

Cloud4Y is moving to a more modern system of data storage. The system storage flash drive (SSD) only with ultra-fast SSD disks will help clients to use all features of flash technology and keeping full functionality of software an enterprise disk arrays.

It is known that today many organizations have well-developed it infrastructure as never before the important question of migration is sensitive to the performance of business applications on the SSD. The performance enhancement that is achieved by using the SSD as a rule, is more effective than the traditional approach, which is directly linked to the increase in the number of disks in the storage system, believe in Cloud4Y.

"With the popularity of SSD subsystem all-flash is still not used widely enough. Basically the use of all-flash hindered by the fact that according to popular misconception the SSD does not have high reliability, — noted in Cloud4Y. However, this view has not received any serious evidence. At the same time, the use of an SSD is justified when the desire to increase the performance of the disk system with the least expenses".

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