Study : 140 providers do not believe in SLA of 99.9%

While the vast majority of organizations looks forward to a 99.9% availability of services throughout the year, according to independent research, more than half of companies have been registered at least one failure in the last three months.

The study, which touched 140 major cloud providers demonstrates the confidence of the client companies in the disaster recovery needs of data suppliers (we are talking about the key risks to availability of services). The risk remains the human factor, followed by network failures and application errors. Downtime cloud providers has shifted from third to fourth position in comparison with the year 2015.

Nikolay Fokin, CEO Cloud4Y, notes that the main problems in the field of accessibility of services are insufficient IT resources, budget constraints and the lack of experience of customers using cloud services. In some cases, it remains unclear how organizations evaluate the level of SLA — fourth of companies is not interested in this indicator.

More than half (54%) of respondents use the cloud for disaster recovery infrastructure, while with the same purpose using cloud services 35% individuals. Amazon Web Services using 53% of companies, 20 percent have chosen VMware vSphere and only 10% — Microsoft Hyper-V and Azure. The majority of respondents (84%) appreciate the importance of service availability for its customers on 7 points out of 10, 38% consider it critical (10 of 10) and only 4% believe that this aspect has no importance in principle. As many as 19% of the studied companies claim that their goal in the area of availability is 99.9%, or less than 5 minutes of failure per year, for 3% acceptable 88 hours of unavailability per year.

Recall that the company Cloud4Y guarantee SLA of 99.95%. Despite the decline in IT funding, Cloud4Y notes the growing popularity of cloud technologies, as well as increase level of comfort and confidence in the capabilities of disaster recovery via the cloud. Disaster recovery by the end of 2016 will be even more important indicator for many companies.

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