Cloud4y transferred to the cloud th IT- infrastructure of "Discipline"

At the end of June completed the next stage of cooperation Cloud4Y and "Discipline" (

"Discipline" is a system that allows the Manager to keep records of working time of employees, evaluate their performance, identify leaders and Laggards. The service allows you to evaluate the activity of each employee, distribute the activity according to production processes, analyze data, and evaluates their productivity. The system monitors the compliance of staff work schedules, records of their activities and evaluates the effectiveness of the company. Based on the obtained data, the Manager can take steps to maximize the productivity of all work processes.

Cloud4Y provided the company IaaS – infrastructure as a service (Infrastructure-as-a-Service). Translation of the company's infrastructure "Discipline" to the cloud will increase the speed of business-critical services, including cloud will increase the accessibility of web hosting, cloud storage and more. All this requires the organization of large and complex infrastructure quickly and in a short time is solved by the transition to cloud services.

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