Containers-as-a-service, or CaaS

With the advent of service "Docker" there has been a surge of proposals CaaS (Container as a Service) from different providers: Google, Amazon, IBM, Rackspace, for example. Docker is a platform for developers and system administrators, allowing to develop, to move and run applications. Docker lets you quickly assemble applications, test code and run applications in the shortest possible time.

What is Container as a service" and how it relates to IaaS, PaaS and SaaS, the most common models of cloud computing?

Someone believes that CaaS is just a variation of IaaS. In the case of CaaS unit of computer resource is a "container" instead of the virtual machine or hardware. The container, in turn, can be run on a virtual machine or "hardware". Thus, PaaS and SaaS can use containers or virtual machines or "hardware" as computing resources, depending on the underlying IaaS layer.

Here is the CaaS:

The computing node may be standard equipment or a virtual machine will be provisioned and work containers.
A key component is the Orchestrator of containers: the component responsible for planning and preparing containers to run on standard hardware or virtual machines, the management of a variety of containers, service startup, configuration management etc.

Containers and Containers-as-a-service

Round containers there are many rumors. Extremely attractive is their ability office applications, microservices support and configuration on Linux platform.The levels of orchestration, located above the containers, make it easy to manage and scale the blocks of containers.

Containers, oddly enough, are not the new service. According to bill Coleman, the first head Sun Micrososytems, containers first appeared in 2005. Modern containers are easier to maintain and easier to start using. Now, when the management and deployment of applications already standardized, the potential exists to review the methods of delivery IN the cloud.

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author: Yusuf Ozturk
published: 04/12/2016
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