Cloud 4 Green - collecting old batteries in the office

People often dispose of batteries in the household garbage without thinking. Later these batteries end up in a landfill. Gradually, batteries begin to deteriorate, and the chemicals they contain – such as cadmium, nickel, lead, zinc, silver, and lithium – negatively impact the environment for many years.

Batteries are easily recyclable: from a ton of batteries, we can extract up to 600kg of reusable materials. Therefore, we encourage our employees to participate in this process, by bringing dead batteries in the collection box.

One small battery can pollute 20 square meters of land and up to 400 liters of water. It will take decades for the ground to recover from such damage and become fertile again. However, that will not happen, either, if more and more batteries end up in the landfill.

How to Dispose of Old Batteries the Right Way

The main thing is not to throw away dead batteries together with your garbage. Yes, even one small battery! There are special collection points in every city. For example, look for one in the nearest mall. Of course, you wouldn't think of carrying one battery at a time, so it makes sense to choose a small container and collect batteries there. As soon as it is full, take it to the collection point.

At Cloud4U office, there is a special box where employees put batteries from AC remote controls and other devices or bring them from home.

That's how quickly and cheerfully our battery box fills up:


Taking care of the environment is easy! You don't need a lot of money or special knowledge. It's enough just to remember a few important rules. We believe that any big deal starts with a small step. And everyone can take this step.

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author: Yusuf Ozturk
published: 08/24/2021
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