Cloud4Y combined IT infrastructure network "Formula hockey" in the cloud 1C

The project to integrate the network of points of retail sales of sports equipment "Formula hockey", the company Cloud4Y grouped remote offices with commercial equipment customers in the cloud Cloud4Y. The client's office in Moscow, Ufa and St. Petersburg.
In addition to the rental scheme 1C SaaS (Software as a Service) required to link to the cloud all retail outlets, warehouses, integrated into the accounting system barcode scanners and cash registers.
The solution of such a problem was instructed group of certified specialists. Competencies the participants: "1C Specialist. 1C Enterprise 8 "," 1C Specialist. Trade Management 8 "," 1C expert on technology issues, "etc. The main difficulty faced by the experts was the cloud configuration 1C for multiple remote users, as well as the integration and synchronization of remote cash registers and scanners for barcodes. As soon as possible, within three days, the task of transferring the local database client to the cloud and configure all the hardware has been resolved.
A distributed network of offices of the client as a result has been merged into a single cloud, enabling all employees to use the rental of software as a service with a monthly payment, and provided full mobility, as Now that you have internet connection the opportunity to work with 1C in the cloud from anywhere in the world. Thus, there is no need to purchase expensive software and ongoing maintenance and updates.
According to the customer's decision in favor of cloud hosting 1C has a number of advantages, as the provider guarantees the smooth operation of the software, regular database backups of any volumes and is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and protection of corporate data.

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