New update of the Cloud4Y control panel and new functionality

We have updated the vCloud Director platform from version 8.0 to 8.10, and now the new, expanded functionality of management of cloudy infrastructure is available to clients.

What's new in this release?

Expanded UI Access to Features
Many operations that were previously accessible only from the vCloud API are now accessible in the vCloud Director Web Console.

Virtual Machine Affinity Rules
Support has been added for creation of affinity and anti-affinity rules for virtual machines. You can use the vCloud Director Web Console or the vCloud API to create affinity rules that allow you to spread a group of virtual machines across different hosts or keep a group of virtual machines on a particular host.

Object Extensibility
A new Object Extensibility feature has been introduced. vCloud Director object extensions are external applications that can participate in, influence, or override the logic that vCloud Director applies to complex operations like vApp instantiation and placement.

VDC Permissions
Tenant administrators can limit access to organization VDCs for all organization members or selected users.

Tenant throttling
The system administrator can limit the number of resources that a user or organization could consume. This ensures that no tenant can consume excessive system resources with concurrent long-running operations.

Unattended Installation
The system configuration utility now supports scripted, unattended installation

Expanded Hardware Version
The system now supports Hardware Version 11

No Support for vShield Manager
This release of vCloud Director does not support integration with VMware vShield Manager. Existing installations that are using vShield Manager must migrate their vShield Manager installations to VMware NSX Manager before upgrading to vCloud Director 8.10. Legacy vShield Manager Edge appliances are still supported in this release, but we recommend upgrading those Edges to NSX Edges as soon as possible. For information about upgrading NSX Edges, see the vCloud Director Installation and Upgrade Guide.

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