Cloud4Y has switched to remote working

Cloud4Y has switched to remote working

The outbreak of COVID-19 has caused an estimated 900 million people around the world to remain at home.
Now Cloud4y offisses are closed. The whole team works remotely.

This format is quite familiar to our company, very often some of our team members work from home, and this does not affect their performance and efficiency. But now, during global pandemic this is a necessary measure for every company.

We know a lot about transitioning employees to home office mode without loss of communication and control. And so we did it for ourselves. An exciting moment, allowing us to look at ourselves "from the inside".

Moving was quick and routine. In a couple of days we developed a plan of action, prepared several scenarios of the situation, discussed the possibility of using additional communication channels.

Quickly decided, Quickly organized, Quickly moved - quite Cloud4y style!

If your office also needs to be switched to a remote work, our "remote managers" are ready to help you! Business processes are not interrupted, productivity is preserved. We checked it out on our own.

+7 495 268 04 12

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