Cloud4Y provided cloud IT infrastructure for the company Fashion Studio

Cloud4Y launched a comprehensive cloud-based IT infrastructure for the company Fashion Studio. & laquo; optimize the performance of personnel, automated resource accounting, cost to reduce the cost, increase the level of protection of information & ndash; Factors affecting the transfer in favor of its own IT infrastructure in the cloud Cloud4Y & raquo; , - said the CIO Fasion Studio Artem Egorov.   
We are talking about services such as cloud platform for data backup, rental of virtual capacity, cloudy 1C, IP-telephony and corporate e-mail service. The basis of the virtual platform of the customer to choose the solution from the largest developer of software for virtualization - VMware. Analysis of the effectiveness of IT systems of the customer, which is carried out by specialists   
 Cloud4Y reveal the reason why the "slow" 1C showed how best to develop the future of cloud architecture and migration plan.   
 As a result, after the transfer of the IT infrastructure to the cloud, as well as making 1C model SaaS, customers can configure virtual machines, transparent management of access rights to the leased cloud resources, flexibility, power scaling, depending on the current needs and challenges, as well as the opportunity to use qualified technical support service 24/7.  

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