Cloud4U has offered a cloud solution for medical institutions

Cloud4U has developed a specialized solution on the organization it infrastructure for healthcare facilities. When developing cloud solutions for organizations in the healthcare are taken into account, primarily, the requirements of Federal Law 152 for the processing, storage and transmission of personal data. All equipment and software are prepared for certification for Federal Law 152 to level 1, inclusive.

In addition to cloud-based it infrastructure, the company provides equipment of medical institutions it equipment, which is configured further supported by the company. In the solution provided Cloud4U cloud server and remote workplaces for employees, as well as cloud-based corporate email.

The main trend of modern medicine is the increasing customer orientation. Regardless of the location of the patient and physician, access to information is a key requirement to improve customer satisfaction and better clinical outcomes. "In this case, only the cloud technologies have the potential, because traditional systems do not provide sufficient access to computing resources and large data stores — the company believes.  Cloud medical supplies medicine is necessary for timely access to large information arrays, resulting in optimized medical services".

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