Cloud4Y expands service portfolio in the direction of "1C".

Corporate cloud providers Cloud4Y expanded its service portfolio in the direction of "1C", to join the project "1C: Center ERP» as «Candidate 1C Center ERP». Previously, the company joined the project "1C: Consulting" as "Candidate 1C: Consulting" tells CNews in Cloud4Y.
As a result, in-house team of certified professionals, "1C" of the operator is now able to carry out the sale, implementation and support of software "1C: Enterprise 8. ERP Enterprise Management 2.0", as well as provide consulting services to customers.
Such services include: support for embedded solutions "1C" of the client; advising users on the work programs; completion functionality upon request; administration of application servers and databases; audit and performance optimization systems.
As explained in the company's outsourcing services can be provided in addition to the work of their own IT departments a customer and completely replacing it.
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