Government cloud services

The introduction of cloud services in the UK confirms the fact that the resources are not excessive. The program "G-Cloud" has been extremely useful for the Royal Commercial service (Crown Commercial Service): it has helped to save nearly 6 billion pounds for the simple reason that contributed to the centralization of the provision of services provided a huge savings of time and Finance. Previously, these funds were spent on building relationships and contacts with business representatives and increase the level of services provided, and 2.4 billion pounds of this amount was retained thanks to an improved system of public procurement regulations.

United States – the real pioneers of cloud technology. Virtualization of public services here began in 2011, when the program started CloudFirst. The program provided the flexibility of government agencies and the acceleration of processes of interaction between the private and public sectors.

The United States has virtualized the first armed forces of his country, saving $ 12 billion allocated for information infrastructure (which accounted for 15% of the state budget).

Estonia leads the world in e-government, as 95% of public services in the country are provided in the digital environment. Even such a thing as public transport passes that can be purchased from anywhere that has Internet. Every Estonian is assigned a personal electronic room, giving the opportunity to polosaty services in a virtual environment.

The small country of Finland last year received the title of first country in Europe where cloud technologies changed the standard. More than 50% of all organizations one way or another uses the cloud, while the average in Europe this figure is 19%.All public Internet resources located on the cloud hosting.
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